The Public Speaker Package

Engage with your attendees in real-time utilising the themeable Speaker Dashboard and the Event Voting App.

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Discover the Speaker Dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a single engagement solution that is designed for use on televisions and projectors around your event - simple load it up on a web browser and it will work without interaction.

Speaker Dashboard preview

Have you ever completed a project on time, on budget and within scope?

I'm not sure
70 attendee votes so far

Current Poll Panel

You can set when a poll appears in this panel by setting it’s Appearance Time.

When attendees vote on the current poll, the results bar chart will update in real-time and specify the number of unqiue votes.

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Gary Cliff

Motivational speaker

Engage with Gary:

Speaker Info Panel

Displays your profile image, profession and attendee voting details.

What would be the one thing you could change?

62% said Take bigger risks

Have you ever backed down from an opportunity?

82% said Yes

What would be the biggest problem you have at work?

70% said Dublin

Recent Polls Panel

An overview of the most recent polls are displayed here along with the most popular answer.

What's in the package?

You can create unlimited polls for your event, and your own branding and even populate your own bio by pulling in your LinkedIn profile with one click.

Interactive event dashboard

Interactive event dashboard

Perfect for large screens or sharing.

Real-time polls

Real-time polls

Engage with the audience opinions during the talk or event.

Voting web app

Voting web app

Share a simple link for your audience to engage and vote on any device.

Timed opinion polls

Timed opinion polls

Prepare your polls to be released throughout the talk.

Branded logos

Branded logos

Highlight the event or speaker within the dashboard.

Sync LinkedIn profile

Sync LinkedIn profile

Import your profile easily so it is displayed on the Speaker Dashboard and Web App.

Introducing the Event Voting App

Allow your attendees to easily vote on the real-time polls that you create for your event or conference

Web app preview


  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Easy to use - simply tap to vote
  • New polls appear in real-time

Launching soon

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