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Using uHerrd

Opinion polls are a perfect way to engage with your readers and and allow them to have their say.

Comment sections are becoming a headache with dissent and explicit comments needing a resource to manage and edit.

Opinion polls keep the conversation on the story and provide value to the reader and publisher.

uHerrd polls are powerful opinion polls that go way beyond providing basic stats. Our polls allow the reader to socially engage with the poll and find out even more data including location, gender and age stats.

Any poll created within the uHerrd platform is indexed and searchable on - the opinion search engine. This allows brand new readers to find your article all for free.

When creating a poll, adding relevant tags allow your poll to be found within the search engine.

Hint - add #YourPublisherName to each poll to create a custom publisher channel!

Adding the URL of the article allows uHerrd to pull in a snippet of content and image, providing context to the poll.

Under each snippet of text is a ‘Read More’ button that sends users off to the original article to read and engage with your article.

As more polls are generated, we take trending result and aggregate the data into exclusive insight reports based around topics you write about.

These reports provide insightful ways to write better content and highlight growing trends and improve article performance

uHerrd is a free to use opinion poll search engine. It allows the general public, news outlets and brands to search the opinion polls based on topics and trends.

uHerrd advertises the search engine on social media, sending traffic and potential new readers right to your article - amazing right?

To get your brand out there to more readers! When users search opinions on the uHerrd search engine, your logo will appear with a snippet of article content next to your poll results.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to enhance your content and engage with your readers.

Step 1: Click on the ‘publish button’
Step 2: Right click /Copy your unique snippet
Step 3: Paste the snippet anywhere in the body text of your article page when in the HTML view.

BETA means we’re just getting started! We’re busy working away on additional features, enhanced polls and more data. As an active BETA member you’ll have exclusive access to our suite of features as they come on board. You’ll also have a head start in creating polls and getting indexed into our search engine.


You can assign up to 4 users under a single publication and use our dedicated support channel if needed along the way.